Our Member Community

The Cluster exists to empower people and businesses by providing them with services, environments and opportunities that allow them to grow and thrive. We operate spaces that encourage productivity, positivity and connectedness, providing an ideal way of working.

More important still, we would be nothing without our wonderful and diverse network of businesses!

From solo entrepreneurs to enterprise companies, our members span almost every industry and profession. Joining the Cluster can offer your business tremendous networking and business opportunities. We host a range of business and social events to help our members connect and collaborate, and we’re always thinking of fun and creative ways to bring our community closer together! We host anything and everything from Friday night drinks, lunch & learns, painting workshops, yoga classes, & more!

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Superb service

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service. Our friendly team are always on hand to help with anything you need.

Inspiring workspace

Our workspace, meeting rooms, and communal areas have been intelligently designed to best support your team! We've got all the mod cons covered!

Genuine friendships

As any of our testimonials will confirm, The Cluster is home to a community of wonderful people and businesses where you are sure to make genuine and lasting friendships!

Valuable services

With 10 years of experience, our mission has been to curate a range of services that can add genuine value to your business. Be that telephony to IT consultation, we're a one stop shop.


"Cyan Investment Management has been a full-time resident of the Cluster community for more than five years.  We were initially attracted to the obvious advantages of the business - a central CBD location with practical but stunning and flexible work and office spaces.  However as our time with the Cluster grew, it was the intangible benefits that have made us such loyal clients - the Cluster's professional and always helpful staff; a community of enthusiastic, supportive and impressive clients from a wide range of industries; and, critically, the ongoing office support, expanding business networks and genuine friendships the Cluster has provided us. In short, we have absolutely no doubt that our business today not have been anywhere near as successful, as enjoyable, as well connected, or have as bright a future had we chosen any alternative office environment."

- Dean Fergie, Cyan Investment Management

"I love working from the Cluster. The space itself is amazing with top of the line facilities and views over the city, but what makes it particularly great are the staff and other members – they make you feel like you’re part of one big family.  Can’t recommend it enough!"

- Roxy Hart, oLegal

“We love working from The Cluster! The staff are wonderful, the facilities are fantastic and the location is perfect!”

- Emine Pacarada, REC Solar

“I have run my business from the Cluster since 2011. After attempting to leave corporate Australia to work from home when I started a recruitment and HR Consulting business I quickly realised I needed structure, and an environment of like minded people to be around. The Cluster has turned out to be more than a place to work for me. Its been a place where I have shared ideas, work shopped client problems, been able to impress clients and even run wildly successful events. The support team have been phenomenal, always helpful and professional and proven to be a real extension to my own business.

I highly recommend The Cluster to anyone starting out in business and even to larger startups looking to add energy, collaboration and who want to be around other businesses with the shared value of running exciting businesses on their own terms. “

Rachel Sparkes – IHEARTMYJOB

“The Cluster has been responsible for helping develop and grow my business in Australia. Their business model is very innovative and allows us to be flexible in our resourcing needs by scaling up and down as market demand changes.

Not only has it acted as a fantastic base for my employees but it has lead to engaging with a vast range of other companies to partner on projects and receive business from.  Its a great space with amazing views and facilities, not to mention huge social events. I have been here since it started and have no plans to leave, highly recommend being part of the new way of working.”

Rupert Deans – One Fat Sheep

"I love working here! I have had a lot of experiences with shared spaces and co-working spaces in the US, and I created one of the first co-working spaces in Austin, Texas. The Cluster is professional, fun, productive and suits my small business perfectly. Sometimes shared offices or co-working spaces can be loud and it is challenging to stay productive, but I found that when I moved into this space, my productivity tripled. I feel really happy bringing my clients here, as they are greeted by the amazing receptionists and really taken care of by the team. I feel constantly taken care of as well."

Sonya Stattmann - Leadership & Business Coach