Why The Cluster Serviced Offices Melbourne?

September 30, 2010

At The Cluster, we are all about you, and your needs, instead of it being about us and our profits. Most of the serviced offices spaces out there, (whether it be highly corporate spaces with tiny offices and even smaller desks, or small box offices with no windows), charge you for everything on top of your base rental. You never really know what you will spend each month until your bill arrives, and let’s face it you’re not kidding anyone with some of these places! You’re clients are going to look on you much more favourably when you’re not wasting your money hand-over-fist, you have a comfortable impressive office that actually works for you and works to make your business a success. It’s basically what you would have if you had your own office.

The Cluster is different, everything is included in your weekly rental. There are no surprises. We have created an environment that is cost-effective, relaxing, professional and fun. We genuinely want to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavours. We’re concerned for the welfare of your business and in return we hope to have you stay with us for as long as possible That’s good for you and good for us!

The desks we provide are huge. Almost the size of our competitors offices. The space is open, and there is a great kitchen for socialising, eating, and enjoying all the free chocolate and coffee that you can handle. Sometimes you will see entrepreneurs bouncing off the walls at The Cluster. Oh the joys of “on tap” sugar and caffeine!

The Cluster provides more if you want it. We do social gatherings a few times a month. Friday night drinks, a beery lunch here and there, presentation nights (where you can discuss your business, while we watch and eat pizza), and brain bumper afternoons (where tenants get together and brainstorm each other’s ideas, for new and different perspectives).

The Cluster is a wonderful space to work in. We get to know you and your business (super well), so we know what to say when your clients call or visit. Unlike many places and call answering services, the people doing the greetings don’t know you. At The Cluster, we know you! The colour of your hair, what you are wearing on most days etc. Good luck walking past reception and not stopping for a solid and humorous chat!

So what are you waiting for. Give your business the boost it needs and take it to the next level.


Chris MoselyChris Mosely

Chris Mosely is a Director of The Cluster Coworking space in Melbourne Australia.

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