Virtual Office

In business impressions count.  Making the right impression is vital.  A Virtual Officeprovides a professional front-end for your home based business.  It typically provides a city based address (or prestigious address), a receptionist to answer your business number with your own company name and local phone number, voicemail services including voice to email forwarding, IVR or Automated Interactive Voice Response, fax services and even in some cases  hot-desking and boardroom or meeting room facilities.

A Great Virtual Office Package Accelerates Your Business

Services and prices can vary.  Most Virtual Office service providers offer cheap entry rates and charge additional amounts for telephony, fax services, hot-desking and boardroom facilities depending on how these are utilized.  The general pricing strategy is pay-as-you-go.  The more services you use, the more you pay for.  The less services you use the less you pay for.  Some Virtual Office service providers offer complete packages that include most or all of the services you might need.  This might appeal to people who like to know exactly how much it will cost them each month.

An Entrepreneaurial Virtual Office = New Business Opportunities

Getting in the right environment with the right people is a clear recepie for success.  The Cluster already has over 40 entreprenerial businesses of all shapes and sizes collaborating and helping each other out in this outstanding virtual office environment.

Get the edge with your new business by being located at the best address in town and mixing with some of Melbournes best and brightest.  Why not let you office expenditure work harder for your business.

Contact the Virtual Office Entrepreneur

Chris Mosely is CEO of The Cluster which provides  Virtual Office