The Cluster was Australia’s first coworking office, starting up in 2009 with 80 desks and a new concept that no one had yet seen in Australia. To this day, The Cluster remains a leading space that stands out with its sophisticated yet cheery ambiance.

Here at the Cluster we cherish the human factor. We often feel like a big family with a great warm community and genuine people behind the scenes. No faceless corporation here! It’s a space where the members care about the space just as much as the staff.

Our receptionists are always down for a chat!

Who are we really?

We are run by a Melbourne based Family who aren’t invisible to the members. Often you’ll see the CEOS Kirsten and her Partner Chris’s, smiley faces popping by for a general gasbag or to chat about all things business.

“It’s more than just the physical space… it’s people we employ and the motivation of each individual employee to engage sincerely and authentically with others around them. But most importantly, it’s a large handful of the members that we attract, who help create the magic, the soul and the energy of The Cluster”                                                                                                                                                       Kirsten Koci – Director and CEO

The first thing you will see when you step into the fabulous space (besides the jaw dropping panoramic 360 view of the Melbourne CBD) is a chirpy and unique reception team, who believe in entrepreneurs and make all efforts to get to know YOU!

At the Cluster, the office is yours, not ours. That’s why you won’t find any “Cluster” signage at our front desks, as we believe in greeting your guests as receptionists for you and not for the coworking space you happen to work in. It is all about you, not us! Members love this and so do their clients. Often clients think the entire floor belongs to the member they are visiting. Fake it until you make it!

A perk of being a family run company is the flexibility. It is easy to have your ideas heard and put into action. The Cluster also works hard to support our members and use their services wherever we can. For instance, one of our longest serving members, Point Advisory (who have been and grown with us for a staggering 8 years!), helped us from the beginning to be the first coworking space that is completely carbon neutral.

We also take pride in supporting a range of wonderful charities by providing them with memberships, such as Australia for Dolphins, who work to protect the legal rights of dolphins and small marine cetaceans. There’s also, Society Melbourne, who are aiding to eliminate youth homelessness.

The Cluster is an environment full of diversity with organisations of all different ventures, which provides ample opportunities from networking to self-growth. There is never a dull moment, with a range of no pressure social events always on offer, from yoga classes to free Friday night drinks!

Smiles abound at our End of Month Drinks!

An overview of The Clusters services

The Cluster provides a range of specialized services and membership options, with no hidden costs, that can cater to every person’s needs, even those who live on the other side of Australia!

We have pioneered by building our own software and infrastructure to offer Virtual mailing and telephony services. The Cluster saw the need for freelance workers and small businesses to be able to use a professional city address along with phone services, which really is a special service, as instead of using a call centre, our front of house will answer calls for your company, which allows you to get to know the amazing people representing your business and handling your mail.

For those who need desks, whether it’s a few times a week, a one-off pay as you go, or full time, we have created a range of flexible packages to suit everyone’s needs and budgets with the ability to get more space as your business grows. From Hot-desking to private offices, you will have some of the most generously sized desks in Melbourne, no sardine stacking here! You will have all the room you need for multiple screens and to stretch your legs whilst sitting on quality custom designed chairs for optimum comfort!

Our in-house IT support is another outstanding feature, which is heavily discounted, so much that we often see people from other spaces coming in for IT support and Test & Tagging for their devices.

It may be hard to work with those city views!

Our Spaces

We have a range of bespoke serviced meeting rooms. From 4-person rooms to boardrooms that accommodate up to 20 of your guests, they’re fully AV- equipped with all the facilities you need to run your meeting or workshop. Best of all, you receive complementary bottomless teas and coffees!

When booking one of our suave and beautifully decorated meeting rooms, you can be assured you will feel well looked after. Members also have access to free un-serviced meeting rooms, perfect for team meetings and discussions. As a member you will also receive discounts on our event spaces that are sure to impress your guests; with lush greenery and a cosy industrial feel spectacularly back-dropped with penthouse views, completed with an in house barista.

Here at The Cluster you are always welcome! We strive to create a positive, inspiring space where you look forward to visiting each day.