The term “coworking” was first used by Bernie DeKoven in 1999 in the context of virtual working practices. In 2005 Brad Neuberg used it to describe a physical shared working space.  His now famous “Hat Factory” coworking space in San Francisco was one of the earliest examples of the phenomenon that is now sweeping the globe.  Most of the existing coworking spaces are based in the US at this time, but the idea is rapidly spreading to other cities around the world.  Typically coworking spaces fill fast and there can be long waiting lists.

What is Coworking Melbourne

Coworking is basically a shared office where different companies with symbiotic relationships work and share resources, ideas and sometimes ideals.  In general there is a focus on the community created within the space.   It’s a contemporary innovation in a world where more and more people are working for themselves.  Many coworking spaces cater to to hi-tech or other creative industries.   Coworking has a strong social element with shared values and a realisation that by working side-by-side with other companies or individuals in a friendly social space, that the synergies created lead to new opportunities.  Ultimately, companies in coworking environments experience greater levels of success from these synergies.

How Coworking Melbourne helps

In a world of interconnectedness it has become apparent that we crave social interaction in our working lives. Business is created through interactions between people face-to-face. Developing and maintaiing social interaction skills is a necessary tool for any working person who wants to become successful.  When the Internet revolution made it possible to work from home , many virtual employees discovered that they felt isolated and missed the human interaction.  Coworking offers a flexible solution to the home based business by providing an alternative space away from the distractions of the home.

The Cluster provides a social, relaxed coworking environment for creative innovative companies whilst also presenting the most professional image possible.