Lots of people I know consider a good night out as heading to their favourite club at 10pm, standing around drinking overpriced cocktails while surrounded by sweaty people they don’t like until the club closes at 5am. Personally, I believe Melbourne has a lot more to offer and since we aren’t really allowed to leave the house right now, reflecting on all the fun I used to have has become my favourite pastime and I thought I would use it to give you all some hot tips on what to do when lockdown ends!

Places to eat: To me, the perfect night out must start with good food.

Ichi Ni Nana: Ichi Ni Nana is a beautiful Japanese Izakaya on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy that is perfect for either an intimate dinner or a group setting. They have a large menu that includes a variety of Japanese dishes such as edamame, massive sushi and sashimi plates as well as gyoza and donburi. Not only is the food incredible, their beverage list consists of Japanese inspired cocktails, sakes and whiskies. You can currently order online for delivery!

Rooftop garden at the Cornish Arms

Shanghai Dumpling House: On a budget? No worries. Sitting in Melbourne’s China town is this budget friendly gem. Shanghai Dumpling House is a BYO Chinese restaurant with the fastest service I have ever witnessed. Considering how cheap and fast it all was, I wasn’t expecting too high a standard on the food front, although it turned out I was pleasantly surprised. As we were in a group of seven, we ordered an abundance of dishes from the menu and every single thing they brought out was delicious. I couldn’t recommend Shanghai Dumpling House enough. Also, another hot tip, pretend it’s your birthday and the entire restaurant will sing to you.

Touche Hombre: I’ve found that in the city, Mexican food is either going to  be cheap but yummy take out like Zambreros or expensive and healthy like Fonda. I think Touche Hombre is a good mix between the two, however it does lean slightly more in the direction of Fonda. They have a good selection of tacos and other Mexican dishes, incredible guacamole, an extensive drinks menu and great vibes.

The Cornish Arms: This one is situated slightly out of the CBD but is worth the travel, especially if you’re seeking some top quality vegan dishes, as they have such an amazing and creative range of options. The Cornish Arms is a pub style restaurant so you will be paying pub like prices but I promise it’ll be worth every cent. Enjoy your meal inside by the fireplace, out in the beer garden or on their newly added rooftop section, you really can’t go wrong here!
Order online for delivery during iso

Things to do: Second step to a perfect night out, a fun activity!

Strike Bowling: When I was a kid, bowling was a pretty rare and exciting family activity but honestly, it’s even better as an adult, after a few drinks. The bowling part is just the beginning too, at Strike you can also do escape rooms and laser tag. They serve the most amazing long island iced teas at the bar and the dance floor at their Melbourne Central location is always playing the best tunes if you feel like having a boogie! Not to mention the fact that Long island ice teas are $10 on a Tuesday!

Live your pop star fantasy at Kbox

Karaoke: Every time I invite someone to karaoke their immediate reaction is “Nooo I can’t sing” but that’s the whole point of karaoke, nobody goes there to sing well, we go there to sing loudly and terribly. My favourite place to sing is KBOX on La Trobe street, you pay by the hour for a private room and purchase drinks as you go. They have such a big selection of songs from the classics, to K-pop, to the entire Disney soundtrack. As soon as lockdown is over, I’ll be heading to karaoke to sing my go to song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.

B. Lucky & Sons or Archie Brothers: There is nothing I love more than an arcade so when I found out there were arcades that served alcohol, I almost cried happy tears. Imagine being surrounded by drunk adults playing skee ball and dance dance revolution, it doesn’t get much better than that! B. Lucky is located in Melbourne Central, Archie Brothers is located in Docklands, they are both partner venues and are very similar so it just depends on which location is more convenient!
Escape Rooms: One of my all time favourite activities involves gathering a group of my closest friends, having someone lock us all in a room together alone and then screaming instructions at each other in order to escape from said room. I’ve done a few of these as Strike and Trapt but there are quite a lot of places in Melbourne. Just search them up and choose the one that best aligns with your skill level or interests. You can choose from themes like Alice in Wonderland, The Paranormal, Artificial Intelligence and many more!

Places to drink: Finally, if you’re not ready to go home, here are some of my favourite bars.

Workshop: Workshop is a funky venue located on Elizabeth Street, if you get there early, I recommend snatching yourself a seat in their cute outside decking area. They have a strong focus on art here so there is always something interesting to see such as live bands or emerging & established DJ’s, they even offer artists a free space to exhibit their artwork!

fancy a drink at the beautiful, Peaches?

Peaches: Not only is Peaches incredibly aesthetically pleasing, it is also such a fun venue where  time flies, with hours feeling like minutes, as you get lost in another time. The inside interior matches the name with a beautiful peachy theme, they also have a rooftop bar which is perfect for those warmer days. Another thing that impressed me about Peaches is that their food is actually… good? I never expect decent food at a bar but they are doing it right!

Section 8: Section 8 is hard to put into words, it is loud, there is often nowhere to sit and the drinks are pretty expensive but for some reason, you just want to be there. Probably due to the way it perfectly encapsulates the Melbourne style; laneways, creative decoration, and cool atmosphere. The bar is open air, they serve you drinks from a shipping container, the bathroom walls are decorated with funny comics and the live DJ is always playing the best tunes! It is especially good if you’re hanging out with someone you don’t really want to talk to because it’s almost impossible to hear anything once you’re in.

Lala Land: Lala Land is my most visited bar in Melbourne, for two very specific reasons. One, they make amazing vodka pineapples & Two, the bar tender once played Blackpink for me and it was incredible. Something else I love about Lala Land is that you can actually hear your friends speak, the music is at a delightful volume and there is always such good vibes.

Once restrictions lift, I’ll be headed straight to Shanghai Dumpling House to eat their entire menu, Karaoke at KBOX for beers and terrible singing, then off to Workshop to drink cocktail jugs and bust some moves on the dance floor. What mixture of the places mentioned would be your perfect night?

TikTok is the mobile app currently taking the world by storm! Previously known as Musical.ly, it was used mainly for lip syncing and duet videos. Although it still has a highly musical influence, Tiktok videos now range from comedy, challenges, tips, talent and of course dancing!

Anyone with the app can create and upload a video, TikTok also offers a variety of effects, songs and sounds you can add to make your content viewer ready. It kind of works like Instagram in the way that you follow accounts whose videos you want to see. However, when you first log in, rather than being greeted by videos uploaded by the people you follow, you’re instead directed to the “for you page”. The “for you” page is a bunch of recommended videos created by anyone on the app. This makes TikTok the easiest platform to go viral on, as your content is constantly being promoted within the app to many users.

The thing I’ve loved most about TikTok is that unlike Instagram, the majority of creators are every day, relatable people, just sharing their talents or experiences. Unlike Instagram, where every second post is an influencer trying to sell you hair vitamins or skinny tea, majority of the people on TikTok seem authentic and approachable. This makes you feel much closer to the creators and leaves you genuinely invested in their content.

I’ve honestly been so inspired by the things I’ve found on TikTok, specifically user @rohitroygre who gives daily updates on his journey to stop drinking fizzy drink. Rohit is on day 63 – which is a huge deal and thanks to his encouraging videos, I’ve made it a whole month and a half! He said he had been struggling to give it up even though his doctor advised him to do so immediately. Rohit turned to TikTok and has received an overwhelming amount of support with 155 thousand followers and millions of views. His daily updates have really motivated me to ditch the dirty juice myself.

So how does one use TikTok to promote their brand?

With 800 million users per day, utilising TikTok to promote your brand might seem like a no-brainer, but there are a few important things you might need to consider…

First and foremost, TikTok has a uniquely young demographic. Gen Z, young people aged between 16-24 make up 41% of users globally and 66% of users are under 30. This is most likely because from the beginning, the designers of the application chose under 18’s as their target audience. TikTok is a really great way for the young people of the world to express their creativity in a multitude of ways. Some of my favorite videos to watch on TikTok involve story times, as well as fashion and dance challenges but you can pretty much find anything related to one of your hobbies within the app.

There are a few ways businesses can use TikTok to advertise. One way is creating a 9 to 15-second-long paid ad that plays between user content. The price for this is approximately 10c per impression, however, you must pay for a minimum of 600 impressions. Though this still only translates to $60 spend per 600 users, it’s important to note that unlike other platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, users can skip paid advertising. Speaking personally, I skip every ad I see – so it’s therfore difficult to guarantee engagement with paid advertising.

Another avenue for advertising is to develop influencer created content; this works similarly to Instagram sponsorships. You find someone with a large following and a high engagement rate who fits the theme of your brand and have them generate content for you. Some influencers may do this in exchange for free products and others can charge big bucks, it all depends on what you’re offering and who you’re working with.

There are other ways you can use TikTok for business such as hashtag challenges like Colgate’s #MakeMomSmile in honour of Mother’s Day, this one was simply about doing anything to make your mum or mother-figure smile, maybe by delivering her breakfast in bed or giving her a gift whilst recording it and uploading to TikTok with the hashtag #MakeMomSmile. Hashtag challenges can easily go viral but not all of them do, it’s important you do your research and ensure you make your challenge simple and inclusive for all.

Is TikTok Safe?

Currently, TikTok is facing global backlash due to privacy concerns and its ties with China. The app has already been banned in India, with countries such as the US (Trump’s famously not a fan) and Australia deciding whether to follow suit. Like most of the apps on your phone, TikTok collects a massive amount of your data and personal information. Andrew Hastie Federal MP and chairman of parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, fears that TikTok could be sharing that private information with authorities in Beijing. Everyone has their own stance on this and many politicians still have accounts, including Victoria’s own premier Dan Andrews. Although this fear of data mining its users has turned may off the app.

Could TikTok be an effective way to market your business?

Obviously if you’re a youth-orientated brand, big or small, TikTok could truly be an effective advertising platform for you. However, if you’re a small tech company, a business consultant or you’re in another industry that doesn’t spark excitement in the youngsters of the world, I don’t think TikTok is your most cost-effective advertising solution. This is just my personal opinion so do with it what you will, but as a 24-year-old weekly avid user of the app I can say that I never open TikTok, see an ad, watch the whole thing through and check out the brand, I immediately swipe away to the content I came looking for.

I’m not saying don’t do it, I just think it’s worth doing a lot of research, maybe even sign up and check out the world of TikTok yourself, but beware – it’s extremely addictive!


With technology constantly evolving and artificial intelligence becoming more intelligent, it leaves a lot of people wondering how safe their job will be in the coming decades. These changes are not unprecedented, in the 1990s we saw Automated Teller Machines installed in most prominent banks, whilst 2008 saw self-serve checkouts in Woolworths become the new industry standard in Australian supermarkets, while these jobs haven’t been completely taken over by robots, it is the perfect example of the automation of manual labour.

In fact, technology and automation processes have been taking over human completed jobs for centuries. For example, switchboard operating, lift operating, meeting scheduling, transport ticket operators and bowling alley pin setters. Even the alarm clock replaced “knocker-uppers“, who used to wake early risers with a truncheon, long stick or even a pea-shooter to strike their windows every morning.

It’s been happening right before our eyes, often imperceptibly, even in the administration and reception industry. Google recently expanded Google Duplex to Australia. Google Duplex is an Artificial Intelligence powered calling service that calls and makes appointments for you, it even sounds like a real human being and understands the nuances of conversation. The below video shows just how real this machine sounds.

Naturally, this instilled some fear into me about the future of my career, which lead me to this website, https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/ – you can enter your specific job title and the machine will let you know how likely your job is to be automated. As expected, my role is doomed!

According to this study: there could be 14 million robots put to work in China alone, within the next 11 years. Adrian Cooper, CEO and Chief Economist at Oxford Economics states that “tens of millions of existing jobs will be lost, with human workers displaced by robots at an increasing rate as robots become steadily more sophisticated.” It is estimated that 20 million manufacturing jobs will be lost to robots by 2030. There are regional vulnerabilities to take into consideration, countries with a high number of manufacturing roles will be most affected, so what does this look like in Australia?

As you can see on the below map, South Australia is our most vulnerable state as it is the heart of Australia’s manufacturing industry, Victoria comes in at a close second with NSW and ACT being the least vulnerable states as manufacturing productivity has improved.

Map of Australia’s most to least vulnerable regions, by Oxford Economics

Everyone seems to have a slightly different opinion on which industries will be most affected by automation and AI. Manufacturing, customer service, transportation, healthcare and data entry are all said to be the most effected. However, maybe we underestimate just how far-reaching the development of this technology will be. Indeed, automation processes long predate the ATMs of the 1990s. With COVID happening, turns towards automation could even increase as robots don’t need to social distance or take sick days!

Perhaps automation has been around for so long that we ourselves are AI that’s been created to power some greater being’s coffee pot! Who knows, either way though I guess the real question is, how do we know we aren’t robots… already automating our jobs? Maybe we’re just programmed to live as real human beings.

The pandemic has brought on a level of social isolation we have never experienced before, many lives have changed drastically in such a short amount of time. Some have gone months without seeing friends and loved ones which can bring on feelings of anxiety and depression. Right now, it’s especially important that we look out for each other and offer support where possible. As an employer, or even just a member of a team, there are several things you can do to help your staff and ensure they have the resources needed during this uncertain time.

Scheduling regular catch-ups and encouraging socialisation

When the team is split up and everyone is working from home, one of the most important things you should do as an employer is keep everyone feeling connected to one another and their roles. At The Cluster, socialising is not only one of the most important parts of our day but also something we all love to do! Not being able to spend time with each other and our members at Friday night drinks or just around the office has been extremely difficult, so together we’ve worked really hard on keeping The Cluster spirit alive via staff meetings, one-on-ones, virtual Friday night drinks and the Cluster Community discord channel. Staff meetings and individual catch-ups ensure everyone is still discussing work but we are also being encouraged to socialise with each other regularly about anything and everything! A rotating buddy system has been implemented where each week, we are assigned a different staff member to chat to each day. It’s been lovely keeping in contact with the team and discussing things other than work or the pandemic. Recently I was paired with Nathan who got engaged – hearing that wonderful news was like a breath of fresh air!

Cluster staff drinks during quarantine

Allowing flexibility

With your employees spending most of their time out of the office, you may be capable of allowing more flexible working hours. At The Cluster, we have been allocated a certain amount of hours per week with the option of using these however we like (within reason of course). We still need to ensure we are working hours that overlap with other staff members so we can communicate effectively and where possible, we need to be available for staff and one-on-one meetings throughout the week. Flexible working hours can be extremely beneficial for your employees mental health as it provides them with the opportunity to do the life admin tasks that they may not be able to do when coming into the office each day, such as visiting a doctor or other health professional, doing their groceries or even just taking a walk. Flexibility also allows your employees to adapt to their family situations too if needed, this is especially helpful for your staff with children or loved ones who require extra support.

Providing the team with structure

It’s so easy to fall out of your usual routine when you no longer need to commute into work each day but losing the structure of your week can have a seriously negative impact on your mental health. Everything is so uncertain right now that having a routine can feel like an anchor, keeping you steady. You may not know when you’ll be able to see your friends and family again but knowing you’ll wake up at 7:00am and eat lunch at 1:00pm each day gives you a form of stability. Having a routine has been proven to reduce stress levels, it takes away the pressure of needing to plan our day on the spot and can give us a sense of control that may currently be hard to grasp. As an employer, you should ensure your team has a weekly roster with breaks and catch ups included. Keep in touch with them each day and see to it that they have enough assigned tasks with the necessary resources to complete them.


click on the image above to find some great resources for those struggling through quarantine

Mental Health Resources

It’s okay to admit that you’re struggling with your mental health right now. Even if you’ve never experienced any issues previously, times are tough and a pandemic is sure to bring all sorts of unwanted emotions to surface. The most important thing anyone can do when they’re struggling is reach out for help. There’s some amazing information and support you can access online or via telephone including:

Head to Health

has an amazing page full of resources such as tips for maintaining good mental health, information for parents and how to access mental health services if needed. Click on the image above to check out what they offer.

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

This website is packed with helpful resources such as videos and articles containing professional advice, tips for staying calm, healthy positive and connected, how to have conversations about coronavirus with children and the elderly as well as a tonne of support contacts for when you need to talk to someone.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Environment

Ever since COVID-19 emerged we’ve seen it make not only an impact on everyday life, but also on the environment, including a growth in renewable energy usage and cleaner air all over the world. What kind of impact has the pandemic had and will it last once life returns to normal?

Air Pollution
In an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, billions of people all over the world have been advised to stay home. This has seen a massive decrease in the need to travel by car, train and plane which are all contributors to global warming through greenhouse gas emissions. Cities all over the world have seen a significant drop in air pollution levels including New Delhi, one of the most polluted major cities in the world. Delhi’s air quality index usually reads a severe 200 on a good day  (anything above 20 being deemed unhealthy) but since the nationwide lockdown was imposed on March 24, the meter has regularly dropped below 20 which is the freshest air Delhi has seen in decades. The following image shows just how much air quality has improved in cities all over the world since going into lockdown.


New Delhi 17 October 2019 and on 8 April 2020

Energy Consumption

There has been an incredibly large drop in demand for almost all major fossil fuels with only renewables holding up. In the US, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal every single day in April. To put it in perspective, the decline is the equivalent of losing the entire energy demand as India which is the world’s third largest energy consumer. Renewable energy is said to be the only energy source that will grow in 2020. As a result of this, global energy-related CO2 emissions are set to fall by almost 8% in 2020, reaching their lowest level since 2010.

In Australia, the decrease in energy demand hasn’t been as significant as other countries. Although we are using less energy commercially or commuting, we are using more residential energy to power our computers/home offices.


The commercial energy demand has dropped whilst the residential energy demand has skyrocketed, particularly for the first three days of the week.

Will the positive effects last?
Obviously once life returns to normal, people will fall back into their old habits and the positive impact COVID19 has had on the environment will likely be reversed. People will be back in cars, trains and planes. This year, 196 countries were intending to implement plans that would meet the emission reduction goals established under the 2015 Paris Agreement. On April 1st, it was announced that the annual summit would be postponed until sometime in 2021. This puts a major hold on the efforts to address climate change.

The federal environmental agency in Brazil announced it would be cutting back on it’s enforcement duties which includes protecting the Amazon from accelerated deforestation which could lead to massive amounts of greenhouse gases being released.

There have been many more delays on climate action all over the world such as China extending deadlines for companies to meet environmental standards, Poland calling for a carbon trading program to be put on hold and the Unites States announcing a rollback on car emission rules. These delays have some fearing the rebound after COVID-19 could be even worse.

There’s no way to be certain of how we and the Earth will come out of this pandemic but once we do there are small changes you can make to old habits that will have a positive effect on the environment.

What can you do?
I feel that the best trend to come out of COVID-19 regarding energy is that has given us the opportunity to assess what we do as individuals and as businesses. It has given us the chance to operate as lean as possible, so perhaps it will teach us how to be less wasteful in the future.

As an individual you can lower waste by riding a bike, walking or even carpooling where possible and invest in reusables rather than single use items. Save electricity by purchasing energy efficient lightbulbs and ensure all electrical appliances are turned off when not in use. Save water by cutting down shower time and turning the faucet off when brushing your teeth.

As a business, you can do your part as well. At The Cluster, we purchase GreenPower accredited electricity to ensure that our coworking space is powered wholly by renewable energy sources. Also, The Cluster has been the first coworking space in Australia to look at the impact offices have on the environment. With that, The Cluster used green energy from day one (back in 2010) and became carbon neutral in 2015, with the help of Cluster members Point Advisory. The Cluster continues to research ways to do more and is grateful that something positive has come out of the Covid-19.

Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons is helping many get through the Pandemic with a smile.

If you’ve been on Social Media over the past few months (which I shall assume you have) you’ve probably seen countless posts about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but what is Animal Crossing and why won’t people stop talking about it?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulation video game by Nintendo. The game places you on a deserted island with nothing but a tent, two other anthropomorphic islanders, a raccoon landlord named Tom Nook and his two shopkeeper sons, Timmy and Tommy.

It may not sound too exciting to some, but try telling that to the 25,000+people who signed the fan-created petition to release the game early.

The first few goals of the game are simple – upgrade your house, build up your island by planting flowers and have another eight islanders move into their own island homes. The final goal for the early part of the game is to get the extremely cool and ever popular musician K.K. Slider to deem your island worthy of travelling to fora concert. Reaching this milestone made for a perfect Saturday night – Imagine – sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching him (your new found favourite artist) perform my, and soon to be your, favourite song ‘Bubblegum K.K.’

My Islander outsider her house

Why is Animal Crossing: New Horizons the perfect game to play during a pandemic?

It’s incredible for anxiety relief. I’ve found that by switching off and completing mindless tasks such as weeding my island, planting countless flowers and chatting to my fellow islanders has been truly soothing during such an anxious time.

Despite the pandemic and not being able to leave the house, every day on my island feels new and exciting. Whether it be an event such as “Bunny Day” (ACNH version of Easter), a new neighbour moving in or just some funky new clothes in the Able Sisters Tailor Shop, I feel excited to get out of bed and see what’s waiting for me!

You feel like you’re being productive, even if you haven’t changed out of your pyjamas. Tom Nook starts out by giving you tasks like crafting furniture for new islander’s homes, paying off your (incredibly expensive) home loans and building bridges/inclines to make getting around your island easier. There are also lots of special visitors to your island who will provide you with activities such as CJ the live-streaming beaver and fish enthusiast or Gulliver the Sailor Seagull who is terrible at travelling and continuously washes up on your islands shore.

There’s a very fun social aspect to the game.You can visit your friends or have them visit you whilst still adhering to the Social Distancing guidelines. All you need to do is head down to the airport and chat to the ironically in-charge Dodo, who will fly you over to whichever friend’s island you desire. I’ve been spending a lot of time over on my friend Lavender’s Jurassic Park themed island, Isla Sorna. We can give each other gifts, snap some photos and go on a virtual date to the museum all from the safety of our own homes!

It’s adorable. There’s truly no way to explain how cute this game is. Even my 27-year-old, intensely strategic,action-adventure video game loving fiancé bypassed purchasing DOOM Eternal to instead purchase Animal Crossing: New Horizons and has since racked up 120 hours. In fact, everyone on my friends list has played for over 100 hours at least.

In my opinion, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not only the perfect game to play during a Pandemic but also the best game ever released. I truly hope you all enjoy this game as much as I do, I can’t wait to see what you do with your own islands!

My islander’s celebrating the upgrade of our store, Nook’s Cranny

Throughout this seemingly never-ending self-isolation period, I’ve seen a lot of people post their incredible daily routines to social media. Most of these include tasks such as meditation, exercise, baking or learning a new skill. Although all of these have proven to be effective in keeping our minds active, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with guilt for not doing those things. Personally, I can barely muster up the energy to put away the pile of washing that’s been sitting at the end of my bed for two weeks, let alone learn an entire second language.

These are unprecedented times.It’s okay to stay in bed all day, it’s okay to cry and it’s okay not to start writing the novel you’ve been telling yourself you’d write when you had the time. There are very few things I feel capable of right now but some things have really helped get me through this period, so I thought I’d share them in hope that they help you too.

Keep in touch with your friends and family

Despite feeling very lucky to be living with my partner right now, I still feel a desperate need to speak to my friends and family every day. FaceTime your parents, call your best friend, simply stay in touch, they need it just as much as you do.

Schedule FaceTime parties with a group of friends

 As someone who loves to grab a few drinks with my friends on the weekend, not having that option has been very difficult for me. Instead I’ve been scheduling a weekly FaceTime party where we all have a drink, banter and play our favourite party games while keeping within social distancing guidelines. It’s been wonderful to see all their faces and have a much needed laugh.


 Writing is always a good release, even just a few lines are better than nothing. I find that writing when I’m at a very low point helps me put things in perspective and at the very least make for an interesting read once all this is over. Reading previous entries I wrote while in a bad place makes me feel stronger, like I can overcome anything if I overcame that.

Stop ordering Uber Eats every night!

I know, nobody wants to do their groceries and nobody feels like cooking, but right now is a better time than ever to improve our eating habits. Usually after a long day at work and sitting in traffic on the way home, the last thing I want to do is cook a meal. Well, we’re stuck at home and the kitchen is right there, may as well try cooking your favourite meal! I recently mastered the art of making Japanese Curry which has been perfect for the recent drop in temperature! Please ensure you’re nourishing your body as well as your mind, we all need it.


Gaming or Reading

Right now, reality can become overwhelming and not a place we want to spend much time. Reading is always a good option for an anxious mind, I’m currently reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Immersing myself in the world of Asgard has helped completely take me out of my current situation, even just for a little while. I’ve also found picking up my Nintendo Switch and transporting to the peace and quiet of my Animal Crossing island has given me a sense of control.

A message from my Animal Crossing Islander (Bec)


There are many things we could be using this time for and I do hope you’re using it wisely but don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just do the best that you can do right now. This is something many of us have never experienced before and may never experience again. It’s incredibly challenging but it will come to an end eventually. Check in with your friends and loved ones, stay inside as much as possible and please take care of yourself to ensure you remain safe and healthy.