As we all are spending more time indoor these days, it is the perfect time to create your own urban indoor jungle and bring healing nature to your home. Tending to your plants and seeing new life developing gives hope. Not only do they look great, but houseplants offer a whole range of benefits, from purifying our air to boosting our health – in a situation like the current one, taking the time to slow down and tend to our leafy friends is a great way to calm your mind.

Keen to green your house but not sure where to start? I have picked 4 ISO easy-care for you, these sturdy indoor plants are almost impossible to kill — plus, they’re gorgeous!!

Spider Plant. Don’t let the common name of this amazing houseplant scare you off. The personality of the spider plant infuses your bedroom with fun and fresh air.

Most people know the spider plant, also known as the airplane plant, from its ability to produce multiple “pups” on shoots that dangle from the mother plant.You may choose to leave these baby plants in place, or clip them and repot for gifts or for added greenery elsewhere. Some have plain green leaves while other varieties are variegated with cream or white stripes.Spider plants grow in all kinds of light with average moisture.

Care Tips: Spider plants are not picky about water, light, or temperature, keep the soil evenly moist


Monstera Deliciosa is a beautiful tropical evergreen that makes a large and attractive indoor specimen plant. If you don’t have green fingers,  caring for the Monstera Deliciosa is surprisingly easy because it prefers to be left alone. They’re quite happy indoors, and need lots of space: put it in a statement-making spot in the living room, rather than in a tight corner or on a windowsill. If you’re looking for some front room wow-factor this low-care monster will certainly give you a show. Hardy and beautiful, the Monstera vine has large glossy splitting leaves that can reach an incredible 2-4 ft size themselves.

Care Tips: Only moderate levels of watering are required here. When you do water make sure you aim to get all of the compost evenly moist, then wait until it has almost dried out before watering again. Keep in a fairly humid environment.  Monstera likes a light position, but not in full sun. Those majestic leaves can get dusty. Dust makes it harder for it to absorb light, so give the leaves a gentle wipe if they look grubby.

Succulents are the ideal houseplant, especially if you have limited space. Caring for succulents can be easy – because these plants are native to drought prone areas, they store water to last them through long periods with little or no water. This feature makes them ideal as indoor-home plants. Easy-to-grow succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures. Echeveria is one of the most popular, along with haworthia, sansevieria, aloe and many others.

Care Tips: Succulents do not like to live in wet soil. As plants accustomed to high temperatures and little moisture. They may rot, contract disease, or die if over watered. Make sure you let the soil dry between waterings. Potting in a planter that has slots for drainage can help prevent over watering. Don’t use a spray bottle to water your succulents—misting can cause brittle roots and moldy leaves.


Syngonium gets its name “Arrowhead Plant” from the triangular shape of its green leaves. There are many named varieties. Choose a plant based on the color and size you want. Among the most popular are ‘Butterfly’ that features deep-green leaves with creamy white veins…’Pixie’ is a compact cultivar with small leaves…’Fantasy’ is stunning with green leaves marbled with white. Some newer cultivars are flushed with pink. When young, arrowhead vine forms a bushy mound; over time the plants will begin to vine, making them ideal for hanging baskets or training up a totem.

Care Tips: Syngonium varieties are easy care plants as long as you remember to water them. They are low light tolerant houseplants and will grow virtually anywhere in your home. Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch.


I hope this will give you some inspiration to start growing your collection! Don’t forget to share your new found gems with us on Discord and I will be sharing more easy house plants and caring tips on the coming post! Happy planting!